Adieu to Bloomy Rinds (06/23)

We wanted to say goodbye to the Bloomy Rinds Exhibit in style and so we did. It didn’t have a proper launch event due to the pandemic and so it deserved an adieu before we move on to our next exhibit. We invited guests to enjoy an evening at the French Cheese Board with the featured cheeses in the exhibit and some edible flowers!

The table featured seven different bloomy rind cheeses of all shapes and sizes. From the heart-shaped Neufchatel from Normandy to the quintessential classic Brie, there were were many great bloomy rinds to choose from. There was even a bloomy rind not featured in the exhibit, the Coulommiers, a lesser-known cousin of Brie. The whiteness of the cheeses made for a gorgeous backdrop to the colorful edible flowers we paired them with.

The bluish-purple borage blossoms were small and tasted of cucumber, the dahlias were huge, crunchy, and floral, and the red & white begonias were tart and citrusy. Paired with the soft and creamy textures of the bloomy rinds and some bread, it all made for a wonderful bite that the guests enjoyed. White, rose, and sparkling wine made for the perfect accompaniment to the cheeses.