Baking Scones with Chef Yolfer (06/16)

When it comes to baking, Butter of France is an unrivaled ingredient. The culturing, the milk, the terroir, and the technique of French butter is the reason why. We wanted to highlight it in a pastry well known for breakfast or tea time, scones.

Chef Yolfer of Pabade Bakery in Harlem showed some lucky Latinx guests how to make buttery scones so they too, could make them at home. Each person had the ingredients prepped for them: flour, salt, sugar, heavy cream, and of course main ingredient, butter. The butter brand of the evening was Echire. Echire butter comes exclusively from the Village of Echire, in Western France. This cooperative dairy has produced this sophisticated gourmet butter for decades, and has won fame and acclaim for a butter that is deliciously subtle, but also infused with the flavor of the grasses of the regions, making it distinct.

The guests followed along as the chef made his. The important thing about making scones is keeping the butter cold and not to over mix the dough. Once Chef Yolfer demonstrated how the dough should look and feel like, the guests were able to choose which mix-in they wanted in theirs, chocolate chips or cranberries. Chef Yolfer’s version had cheese and guava, a tropical fruit native to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and northern South America. He showed how to cut the scones and they went into the oven for about thirty minutes. The aroma of the butter was intoxicating as everyone anxiously waited for them. Sweet, buttery, and lightly savory, the guava and cheese scones were magnificent.

Alongside the scones, Chef Yolfer also brought other treats from his bakery like kouign amann, croissants, palmiers, and apple turnovers all made with butter. It was a great evening and the guests took their completed scone dough with them for fresh scones whenever they wanted to. Merci to the participants and chef for French buter is the the secret that makes the difference! #BakeItMagnifique