Basque Country Celebration at FCB (11/14)

The Basque Country (Pays-Basque) of France is home to some wonderful cheeses and to celebrate, we had a gathering with products from the region from sweets to ham and most importantly, French cheese.

Our cheese board for the night included a mix of sheep and cow’s milk cheeses as the area is known for their sheep’s milk cheeses but as well as tommes. The five cheeses on the board were Arepea Brebis (sheep), Tomme Vache Brebis (cow/sheep), Brique de Vache (cow), Brique de Brebis (sheep). and Tomme Pimento d’Espelette (sheep). Paired with ham from Bayonne, the cheeses were enjoyed by the guests as they tried every single one.

There were also some sweet cookies on the table for a little mix with the savory items on table and were a delight. To complete everything, wine from the region was also featured to complement the cheeses on the board so we could celebrate in true Basque style.