Bourbon & Fromage with Linda Ruffenach (05/30)

When it comes to bourbon, Linda Ruffenach is not expert but gone through a bourbon journey. We had the pleasure to host her book signing of “How to be Bourbon Badass” with bourbon and cheese pairings!

Three pairing were set with three different bourbons:

  1. Four Roses Small Batch with Saint Angel: triple cream cow’s milk cheese from the Loiure with a delicate, creamy, and buttery taste with a bloomy rind.
  2. Old Grand Crub BIB with Abondance: an Alpine’s cow milk cheese from the Haute Savoie region, aged for 3 months. Smooth and rich texture with floral flavors and hazelnut undertones, lingering flavor.
  3. The Basil Hayden Small Batch with Livarot: Washed rind cow’s milk cheese from Normandy. Pungent in smell, with a salty and tangy taste. Full flavored and slightly spicy.

The Whisky Chicks Sunrise cocktail recipe and Brie with dried apple, cranberries, pecans, and bourbon caramel sauce from the book made an appearance too!

Bourbon and cheese! Who knew?