Build Your Own Brunch Board: Holiday Edition (12/02)

We sure love of our brunch boards and we wanted to showcase that by having a build your own brunch board. As it was the season to do so, we also decided to have it holiday-themed!

Our invited guests had a spread of items to choose to include on their own boards which included peppermint bark, Christmas tree-shaped waffles, Paysan Breton salted butter, macarons, bacon, fresh berries, grapes, scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, and of course, fromages.

The fromages for the evening were: Langres, Bleu des Basques, Le Jouvenceau, Cantalet, and Pico.

Each guest used their creativity to make their holiday-themed brunch board and had a warm mulled cider with whiskey to drink with their food. A lovely and socially-distanced evening.