Caviar & Cheese Pairing Event (11/15)

On November 15th, Sturia Caviar and the French Cheese Board came together to pair a perfect selection of four outstanding caviars with four just as outstanding French cheeses for a group of New York City food influencers.

The pairings for the evening were enjoyed with Champagne to make it complete.

  1. Primeur Caviar & Buche de Lucay: For a light caviar and short maturation, like Primeur Caviar, it is paired best with light goat cheeses, like Buche de Lucay.
  2. Vintage Caviar & 6 Months Mimolette: The 6-month Mimolette with its savoriness gives a balance to the Vintage Caviar with its medium maturation and intensity.
  3. Oscietra Caviar & Camembert: Oscietra caviar has a strong and long flavor, with citrus notes that would pair best with Camembert.
  4. Origin Caviar & Roquefort: With an intense blue cheese like Roquefort, Origin Caviar sustains best due to its long maturation.

Try these combinations yourself by purchasing cheese at our shop at 41 Spring Street and caviar from Sturia Caviar.