Charcuterie X French Cheese (05/26)

The French Cheese Board and Dufour Gourmet joined forces to organize a very special event. Aurélien Dufour has worked in the food industry for nearly 15 years, including six years in New York City, as Chef Charcutier for the prestigious Chef Daniel Boulud and his restaurant group. He then founded Dufour Gourmet with the purpose of making French charcuterie accessible to everyone.

He introduced our guests to French charcuterie with four of his main dishes:

  • Mousse Royale
  • Pâté de Campagne
  • Pâté en Croûte
  • Duck & Figue Terrine

Everyone knows that Charcuterie & Cheese make for a great combination. To complete Chef Dufour’s charcuterie selections, we made a cheeseboard composed of six different cheeses, fruits, nuts, and herbs to add freshness and colors to it.

  • Camembert
  • Délice du Poitou
  • Munster
  • Cantalet
  • Fourme d’Ambert
  • Vacherousse d’Argental

We would like to thank Chef Dufour, and our guests for this amazing event. Always #MakeItMagnifique!