Cheese and Wine Pairing

Pairing cheese with wine can provide intriguing flavors and sensations that enhance the enjoyment of cheese and wine alike.

French wines, red and white, from the same region as your cheese of choice are a natural pairing. Here are a few pairing tips to explore:

In general, pair a mild cheese with a lighter, milder wine and a more robust cheese with a bolder wine.

With triple-crèmes, try either a sparkling wine, a light to medium red made from Gamay or Pinot Noir, or a white made from Pinot Blanc or Chardonnay.

Coated-rind cheese like Camembert and Brie pair well with light to medium reds.

Wash-rind cheeses like Époisses, Livarot, and Munster pair well with medium-bodied, sweeter whites.

Firmer pressed cheeses like Tomme de Savoie go well with medium to full-bodied whites or light to medium reds. Sweeter wines can pair well too.

With blue cheeses, sweeter wines work best. Ports, Madeiras, Sauternes, and sherries made with Muscatel or Wimenez work well. For reds try Cabernet Sauvignon. Even some Chardonnays can be successful.

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