Cheese Anytime, Anywhere: (02/02 – 05/02) is a modern, chic and stylish platform, available in six different languages and dedicated to the broad and delicious universe of French cheeses. It is the perfect educational tool to help promote French fromages.

Learn about many different cheeses, French cheeses families, how these products are deeply linked to their regions and to France itself, their history, their nutritional qualities, and what makes France such a special and unique land for dairy products.

Furthermore, the site is an excellent guide to help visitors navigate the rich and savory world of French cheeses, providing tips and sharing knowledge on how to pair cheeses, how to choose the perfect cheese for you, and by detailing the many aspects and flavors of fromages. And for the curious eager to learn even more, everything to know about the production and the making process of French cheeses, as well as the different types of cows providing the unique milks at the base of all these delicious treats is only a click away.

So French cheese lovers, wait no more, open your computer and dive into the Pays du Fromages. Visit the new exhibit at the French Cheese Board on 41 Spring Street starting February 2 until May 2.