Cheese Art

Art is now tasted with a teaspoon and presented on a platter. Menus read like poetry. Cheese that resembles an edible pyramid or an architectural sculpture.

On June 11 to 19 from 5 pm to 7 pm, The French Cheese Board inviteys you to an aesthetic and savory experience as we carve our Mimolette, Comté and Abondance into floral, geometric and creative ephemeral art meant to pleasure your visual palate and satisfy your gourmet cravings.

Join us as we continue to blur the boundaries between eating rituals and artistic creations with the help of Kraï, our art sculptor. Rendezvous at 41 Spring Street 10012 in Nolita.

RSVP: Contact Hubert Cosico, PR and Communications Manager via email

credits: Photo by Jean-Jacques Pallot. Designed by Ich&Kar.