Cheese & Chocolate (6/18)

On June 18th, the French Cheese Board welcomed Antidote Chocolate for a special cheese and chocolate pairing event.

6 different pairings were on the menu:

  1. Lavender + Red Salt & Pierre Robert: heavenly lavender flowers sprinkled through grains of earthy red-alae salt on dark chocolate of 84% slow roasted cacao. Opposites attract, and a new pleasure is born from this perfect union. Pair this with Pierre Robert, a triple cream cheese that is buttery, and smooth, and you’ve got yourself a perfect blend.
  2. Rose + Lemon & Valencay: Rose salt from Andes gets down with tangy lemon zest on dark chocolate dance-floor of 77% slow roasted cacao. When you get hit with this special lemon preparation your taste buds will shimmy in appreciation. We paired this with Valencay, a goat’s milk cheese covered in vegetable ash, its citrusy and tangy notes bring out the same in this chocolate.
  3. Ginger & Semi-Aged Mimolette: Spicy ginger pieces with caramel aroma of panela sugar mingle on dark chocolate of 77% slow roasted cacao. The ginger candied with panela is prepared lovingly for each of our batches. This chocolate combined with Semi-Aged Mimolette, a butterscotchy cow’s milk cheese, is the perfect savory/sweet/spicy match.
  4. Almond + Fennel & Chevrot: Crunchy almonds are complemented by sweet-liquorice fennel seeds on dark chocolate of 73% slow roasted cacao. Those cheeky fennel seeds are carefully applied to guarantee pleasure. To bring out these flavors we paired this chocolate with an aged goat cheese, Chevrot – creamy, nutty, mushroomy.
  5. Milk & Beaufort: Suburb milk chocolate with low added sugar and a potent boost of cacao. This robust, yet creamy flavor with just a hint of salt will transport you to the whimsical days of childhood. Same with Beaufort, a ‘incontournable’ alpine cheese full of buttery, fruity, and herbaceous flavors.
  6. Cacao Nibs & Soumaintrain: A creamy walnut vibe, one beautiful note, complete unto itself, a connoisseur’s delight. Textured with crunchy cacao nibs. One of a few raw 100% cacao bars in the world. What better than Soumaintrain to counterbalance those flavors, a washed rind cheese with a pungent aroma and a tangy and runny paste.