Chèvre Short Stack Party with Tia Keenan (05/23)

We hosted New York City-basked cook, cheese specialist, writer, and activist, Tia Keenan for the launch of her new recipe book for Chèvre, published by small-format publication, Short Stack. Short Stack is focused on inspiring ingredients and dependable recipes created by culinary talents and Tia Keenan showcased her love of chèvre (goat’s milk cheeses) with five delicious recipes from the book. She brought them over to the French Cheese Board for her friends and fans to try!

The five recipes were (1) chèvre fondue (2), chèvre, coconut & guava paste sandwich cookies, (3) sugar snap pea salad with chevre ranch, (4) chèvre julius, and (5) pimento chèvre grilled cheese.

It isn’t a chèvre party without a cheese board full of it and we featured Valencay, Buche de Lucay, Bonde Antan, and Bethmale to illustrate how French goat’s milk cheeses can be so diverse in textures and flavors!