Clandestine Blue Soiree

In a world of clandestine epicurean information, certain succulent experiences have been kept unknown to many and revealed only to an initiated few.  They evoke obscure, deliberately hidden, willfully concealed and intentionally kept verities and coveted palatable pleasures.

In a spectrum of binary polarities of falsehood and truthfulness, between shifting notions of being and seeming, erratic and conspicuous nuances of illusory impressions are starkly juxtaposed with shrouded secrets and caliginous conditions.

But secrets are not forever… all must be unveiled and discovered.

On September 27, 2016, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM, under the night sky that mirrors the enigma and deepness of the blue sea, the French Cheese Board invites you to its Clandestine Blue Soirée. Partake in a moment of hedonistic communion and interaction, as we taste savory flavors and unravel the truth behind the paradox that extends beyond pure reason.

We dare you to be bold, break from accepted gourmet conventions, cross the line and peep into the mystery that is blue.

RSVP to Hubert Cosico, Communications and PR Manager, via email But hurry, there are 200 keycards out there but we can only accept 80 guests.

Rendezvous at 41 Spring Street 10012 in Nolita. Find the man with a blue mask and whisper our secret code phrase, “Seek and you shall be rewarded, into the blue house I must enter”.

Dress Code: Unleash your eccentric singularity. Be bold. Be beautiful. Be in blue.