Clyde May’s Whiskey & Fromage (12/05)

On December 5th, the French Cheese Board welcomed Clyde May’s Whiskey for a special liquor and fromage event, where three whiskeys were paired with three carefully selected French fromages.

The event started with a tasting of an Alabama Style whiskey aged for four years in oak barrels, paired with a Reblochon’s type cheese. The delicate and creamy flavors of this soft washed rind cow’s milk cheese highlighted the hints of apple of this smooth spirit. For the second pairing, sweetness and spiciness were the watchwords, as the guests got to enjoy a Tomme Elderflower cheese from the Alsace-Loraine region of France, washed with an Alsatian pear liqueur and matched with a classic, full and smooth Straight Bourbon. Last but not least, the third pairing stepped up its (proof) game, as two strong products came together to sublime the experience of all the lucky people attending the party. The whiskey was a Straight Rye with floral notes followed by honeysuckle and apricot hints. The cheese selected to match that spirit was a classic cow’s milk blue cheese: the delicious Fourme d’Ambert from the Auvergne region of France. Its rich and creamy texture went perfectly with the power of the Rye and left all the gourmets around the table wanting for more.

By the end of the night, everyone was convince that French Cheeses and American Whiskey pairings were a must-have for all food enthusiasts, and there is no doubt that this ensemble will be find on many tables during the upcoming holiday season.