Coat Your Goat (Cheese) Event (03/31)

Spring has sprung – which means that goats can finally graze on luscious green pastures again! The richer the grass, the more flavorful the cheese. Since the weather hasn’t quite warmed up yet, we thought, why don’t we coat our goats? The cheese, though, not the does. 

Prior to coating, our guests were able to taste, learn and talk about three different types of chèvre: a fresh, an ash-ripened and a washed-rind goat cheese from different parts of France.

They also tasted the cheeses with different herbs, flowers, honey…

There was even edible glitter for garnish!

Once they picked their favorite pairings, it was time to coat their logs (also known as bûche, in French) of chèvre. They got so creative!

Coating goat cheese is not an easy task – especially if you’re making dozens a day, so beautifully, like the French do. But we sure enjoyed creating our own coated chèvre!