Compound Butter Masterclass with Chef Laurent (04/14)

The French Cheese Board hosted a master class and cooking demo with French butter. Chef Laurent Dupal went in with one objective: educate our guests about butter, and show off easy and delicious recipes featuring our different butters.

  • Rodolphe Le Meunier
  • Échiré
  • Président
  • Isigny Sainte-Mere

First, the chef proceeded to introduce each butter to our guests. Every influencer was given their own toasts and butters, in order to try them as the chef was describing them. Afterward, Chef Laurent explained how to make Bouchée à la reine with escargot and homemade garlic & herb compound butter.

He prepares the homemade compound butter, chopping garlic and herbs mixing it with the butter in the Kitchen Aid mixer. Then, he puts escargot in the Bouchée à la reine, and uses a pastry bag to pipe the garlic & herb butter on top.

After that, the Chef made an orange and a lemon compound butter to use them with salmon and trout toasts.

The preparation is pretty simple: He spreads the compound lemon or orange butter over the toasts then tops it with slices of either salmon or trout. Then, uses a pastry bag with homemade butter to pipe it on top of the slice of salmon or trouts.

People had the opportunity to try and enjoy the tasting of these delicious dishes. Merci Chef Laurent for this educational event!