Contextomy Exhibit (07/14-09/23)

Contextomy is all about taking something out of context. That might sound like a mistake, but when it comes to cheese, it’s all good. In the featured image, you have the beautiful French macarons with a whipped filling. You would think it is a vanilla buttercream or ganache but in fact made up of triple crème cheese!

Our exhibit examines the conditions under which context affects consumer evaluation of food by means of reference points. We know what we are seeing and we also know it is not the real thing. It is in fact fromage out of context.

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere is a good time to enjoy French cheeses and butters in your recipes, as a [quirky] snack or a [whimsical] meal as well as a way to add even more joy to something you already love.

Visit us at the French Cheese Board to see the exhibit through the end of the summer!

#FromageOutofContext #MakeItMagnifique