Creative French Cheese Plates

French cheese boards are like collages, offering the opportunity to be artistic and create something brimming with colors and textures.

Serving French cheese is an easy, convivial, yet elegant way to entertain guests. Delicious and filling, they are a celebration of creamy flavors and tasty aromas.

On June 28, 2016 from 11AM to 2PM at 41 Spring Street 10012, New York, The French Cheese Board, together with La Ligue des Fromagers Extraordinaires, is hosting a festive, creative and instructive atelier to discover and share the joyful pleasure of cheese.

If you want to know when to drizzle some honey or when to add a dash of sweet jam to create contrast and savory flavors, if you want to surprise your guest with unexpected food and beverage pairing suggestions, join this gourmet adventure and enter the universe of soft cheeses and bloomy rinds with a bit of humor and a touch of surrealism.

Contact Hubert Cosico, PR and Communications Manager, via to receive our free document on how to cut, present and pair your French Cheese. Be surprised and be amazed by French cheese.

This event is open to bloggers, journalists and all certified cheese aficionados