Fancy French Cheese Pizza (09/05)

To celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day, we asked influencers to create the French cheese-iest pizza they could make and they were up to the challenge.

Jay went for a selection of three different fromages from France: Beaufort, Brie, and Emmental for his fromage pizza recipe, the French Onion Soup Pizza. A cool take on the classic French onion soup. How fancy! The pizza has sweet caramelized onions, dollops of tangy Brie and then lots of grated Beaufort and Emmental to make sure there is no shortage of melted cheese on it.

Meanwhile Rae took a sweet and savory approach to her pizza featuring arugula, fig, and blue cheese. For her fromage, she went for the creamy slightly fruity blue cheese known as Fourme d’Ambert! With three different figs, honey, pears, pine nuts, and cheese, this flavor combination works really well for the contrast. Both of these pizzas take about 30 minutes to make and is an easy way to add even more French cheese to what you eat.

When it comes to cheese pizza, make sure the ingredients you use have a balance of flavors so the ingredients don’t overpower each other. Don’t be afraid to experiment because with 1200 French cheeses, the possibilities for fromage pizzas are plentiful! Go on fromage lovers and get cooking. #makeitmagnifique