For The Love of French Butter Launch Week (09/20 – 09/27)

For the launch week of our new exhibit, For The Love of French Butter, we asked how much you love Butter of France since it is the secret that makes the difference.

And did you reply to our calling! From baking to cooking to even modeling with it, you showed why French butter is better butter. It has the distinctive tang and nuttiness because not only is it a great ingredient, it is magnifique flavor enhancer.

Taste the difference for yourself by getting the selection of butters French Cheese Board has to offer like Président, Isigny St-MèreÉchiréLesecureSèvre & BelleRodolphe Le Meunier, and Paysan Breton. Whichever butter you have from France, you’ll know it is high quality and magnifique.