Four Roses Bourbon & Cheese (09/18)

Last Wednesday (9/18), Four Roses Bourbon and the French Cheese Board invited influencers to a very special pairing event.

To begin the event, the influencers enjoyed a selection of cheeses and Four Roses cocktails.

After a presentation of the French Cheese Board and Four Roses Bourbon, the team moved on to the first pairing of the night: Bethmale and Four Roses Bourbon. This soft and smooth bourbon has fresh fruit notes with hints of pear and apple. Bethmale is a pressed goat’s milk cheese with a natural edible rind from the Midi-Pyrenees region. The cheese is matured for 3-4 months and has supple,yeasty, and hazelnut flavors.

The second association was Four Roses Bourbon Small Batch and Brebicet. This sheep’s milk cheese from the Rhone Alps region has a bloomy rind and is matured for 1 to 2 weeks. It is a mild and buttery cheese with sweet notes. The Bourbon has notes of ripened red berries and dried spice. It is well-balanced with a pleasantly long finish.

The last pairing, and the strongest one of the evening, combined Epoisses and Four Roses Bourbon single Barrel. This 100 proof Bourbon has hints of ripe plum and cherries notes. It is a robust and mellow bourbon. The Epoisses has a moist rind with a velvety texture. It has a mild, fruity, tangy and savory flavor.