French Apéro Workshop (08/11)

In collaboration with Revol porcelain, French Cheese Board hosted on August 11th a hands-on workshop on how to host a traditional French Apéro. 

Apéro is basically the French version of Happy Hour. Prior to dinner, the French like to hang out with friends while sipping on a glass of wine and enjoying hors d’oeuvres – usually served alongside fromage.

For this event, Angeline Godeux of Revol porcelain showed us how she likes to do Apéro for her friends in France. She also gave a brief history of the 250-year-old ceramics producer, whose products were featured at the event, as well as explained the meaning and purpose of apéro in French culture, historically and presently.

Alexandra, founder and proprietor of Winemak’Her traditional wine bar in Park Slope, followed up with a guided tasting from a selection of women-produced wines. 

As the tasting continued, Angie invited guests to get involved in creating a lovely Apéro spread out of a provided selection of French cheeses, meats, fruits, and grocery items.

Guests had a great time chatting with Alexandra about wine and creating small cheese bites with Angie and Chef Yllan, using knives and a girolle, and setting up a beautiful Apéro table!

We would like to thank Angie, Revol, Alexandra, Chef Yllan and all of our guests for a wonderful evening!