French Cheese and Mexican Wine Pairing Event (05/05)

French Cheese Board invited Max Strygler of Primos Imports and Marcus Guiliano of Aroma Thyme Bistro to talk all things Mexican wine and pick three of them to pair with French cheeses. 

Our first pairing of the night was Santo Tomás Misión Blanco, 2020 (a white wine made with 33% Chenin Blanc, 33% Colombard, 34% Chardonnay) with Bûchette Aux Fleurs (a fresh goat cheese coated in flowers from Poitou-Charentes. 

Then, we tasted Bodega Vinícola Monte Xanic Rosé, 2021  (made with 100% Grenache) with Ossau Iraty AOP (a natural-rind sheep’s milk cheese from the Ossau Valley and the Iraty Massif. 

At last but not least, we tasted Scielo Mx Tinto 2020 (made with 50% Syrah, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot) with Bleu D’Auvergne (a cow’s milk blue cheese from Auvergne). 

The pairings were fantastic and had us all wishing for more! Thank you, Max and Marcus! And thanks to everyone who joined us!