French & Fromage Class with JP Linguistics (9/25)

Last Wednesday (9/25), the French Cheese Board hosted the first French and Fromage Class with JP Linguistics. JP Linguistics is a Language School for adults which offers culturally-infused language private and group classes in French, Italian, & Spanish. The students first enjoyed a selection of French Cheeses and wines before starting the class.

The class began with a presentation of the French Cheese Board. Then they learned French words to describe the textures and the flavors of the cheeses such as crémeux which means creamy or fumé for smoky.

The class continued with a presentation of 5 French cheeses:

  • Brillât-Savarin
  • P’tit Basque
  • Bucherondin
  • Mimolette
  • Bleu des Causses

To conclude the class, everybody said a couple words in French and talked about their favorite cheese of the night.