French & Fromage Night 2 (05/27)

After the success of the first French & Fromage Night, we organized a second session on May 27th. The purpose of this event was to spend a good time learning basic French words and, more importantly, tasting cheeses! We selected three cow’s milk cheeses for our guests: a Mimolette (hard and dry cheese with butterscotch and coffee flavors), a Fromager d’Affinois (double cream cheese that melts on the tongue, with buttery flavors) and a Langres (soft cheese with washed rind, creamy and full-flavored with sour hints).

We are glad to have shared this wonderful moment with Jean (@jeaneatz), Corinne (@hungryhungryhoboken) & Linda (@omgihtslinda). As we can see in the pictures, they did an amazing job building their cheeseboards and pairing ideas. At the end of the event, we discussed how to use the leftovers in recipes or pairings and we came up with some interesting ideas like a Mimolette tart or a Champagne-Langres pairing.

We had a great time learning French and tasting Fromage with Jean, Linda, and Corinne. We hope that everyone is safe and healthy. See you for the next event! #makeitmagnifique