Fromage and Tea

French Cheese and Japanese Tea Pairing

Used to the typical wine and cheese pairings? Open your world to flavors, seemingly unlikely with an unorthodox marriage of French cheese and traditional Japanese teas.  This Saturday, September 24th, The French Cheese Board, in collaboration with Nippon Cha (Bayside, NY) will be hosting a very unique French Fromage and Japanese Tea pairing at 41 Spring St, New York 10012, in Manhattan’s SoHo district from 2pm to 7pm.

This all day savory experience will allow guests to participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, called Sadou, in a very small intimate group sessions by tea master Yoshitsugu Nagano of Nippon Cha.

In addition to this, both the pairing and the tea ceremony will feature the very beautiful Japanese handmade tableware of Takenobu, artisan ceramics.

Similar to wine, teas also have a wide variety of terroir, tannin, ages, astringency, and sweetness.  So the marriage of tea and cheese offers many combinations to explore.

Tea Master Yoshitsugu Nagano, Communications and PR Manager of the French Cheese Board, Hubert Cosico, as well as sommelier Richard Eng will show you how to serve the right cheese experience with the right tea, including sencha, gyokuro and hojicha, for a new healthy and fascinating blend.  Nippon Cha Owner Chang Qi Li will also be on hand to help answer questions about the first Nippon Cha retail store, cafe and restaurant in the US.

Wabi-sabi: a philosophy of art and lifestyle

The cheese and tea pairing and tea ceremony will also acquaint all guests with Wabi-sabi, the Japanese philosophy of art and lifestyle. Wabi-sabi, Zen, tea, and art, are all extremely connected and anchored within Japanese culture.

Wabi-sabi is a combination of Japanese philosophy (wabi) and aesthetic (sabi) with roots in Zen Buddhism and tea ceremony. It’s appreciating the humility, the beauty of transience and imperfection of nature, and the simple things of daily life.

TAKENOBU’s artisans and artists interpret the traditional wabi-sabi aesthetic and philosophy of communion with nature into a modern simplicity for everyday use.

Their purpose is to preserve the Japanese ancestral quality we know with their own contemporary design and to foster a sustainable lifestyle by using natural materials with moderation.  Everything is handmade and custom designs are available.

This event is strictly RSVP

To participate in our Fromage and Tea tasting, RSVP to For tea ceremony reservations, email

The Tea ceremony reservations will be available in 30-minute sessions for groups of 4 people maximum starting from 2pm to 7pm (2pm, 230pm, 3pm, 330pm… last session at 630pm).