Fromage & Chocolate with Raaka Chocolate (10/11)

How does Fromage and Chocolate sound? At French Cheese Board, we make pairings that excite and different from the usual so we teamed up with local Brooklyn brand, Raaka Chocolate for an event that was sweet and savory.

There were six pairings each guest was able to try:

  1. Cabernet Sauvignon with Camembert: slightly fruity chocolate stemming from the wine and classic dark hocolate flavor with the creamy coolness of the Camembert.
  2. Coconut Milk with Comte: Due to its creamy sweetness of the coconut, the hard nuttiness of the Comte brought out the chocolate’s sweetness.
  3. Ghost Pepper with Emmental: The kick of the ghost pepper with it’s lingering spice at the back of the palette was toned down by the Emmental which its sweet and fruity flavors and spicy undertones.
  4. Bourbon Cask Aged with Epoisses: The strong pronounced flavor of the cask-aged bourbon held up to the stinky savoriness of the paste from the washed-rind Epoisses,
  5. Smoky Chai with Fourme D’Ambert: The smokiness of the chai with its array of warm spices contrasted the creamy blue of the Fourme d’Ambert.
  6. Pink Sea Salt with Brillat Savarin: The crunchy saltiness of the pink sea salt made for a great complement to the beautiful creaminess of the Brillat Savarin, a triple creme cheese.

Try these combinations yourself by purchasing cheese at our shop on 41 Spring Street and some Raaka Chocolates for a magnifique flavor experience!