Fromage & Sake with Fabien Degoulet (01/14)

The French Cheese Board had a special guest from France, the best fromager (aka cheesemonger) in the world in 2015, Fabien Degoulet. He conducted a masterclass on fromage pairings feature various Japanese ingredients which included the fermented rice alcohol called sake.

There were seven different fromages and seven ingredients paired altogether conjured up by Fabien, who had extensive knowledge of Japanese ingredients because he had lived in Japan for ten years. In total there were nine pairings:

  • Brie with Timut Nepalaese Pepper & Japanese Dry Orange
  • Camembert with Nori (Japanese Algae)
  • Winter Comté with Shrimp Marinated in Lemon and Black Pepper
  • Langres with Cambodian Kampot Red Pepper
  • Langres with Kagatogi Junmai Daiginjo Ai Sake
  • Brillat Savarin with Wasabi Powder
  • Grand Mogol with Kagatogi Junmai Yamahai Dry Sake
  • Bleu d’Auvergne with Kagatogi Junmai Yamahai Dry Sake
  • 24-Month Comté with Kagatogi Junmai Yamahai Dry Sake

The sake was provided by Fukumitsuya Brewery, a sake brewery that has been around since 1625. The guests who had the chance to try these unique pairings had varying opinions which one was the best pairing but everyone was surprised how well these ingredients complemented each other. Merci Fabien for a wonderful evening.