Fromage & Tea with Royal Tea (10/04)

Does tea go with French cheese? While it is an unlikely pairing, our tea partner, Royal Tea New York, experimented on a trio of combinations for select guests to sip and munch on.

Maxwell was the representative of Royal Tea New York, a company that started in 2016 and offered the three teas to go with three cheeses. His extensive tea expertise along came up with the following pairings: Cantal with Matcha – The Matcha pairs very well with the grassy flavor of the Cantal. The Cantal accentuates the richness of the Matcha and brings out a honeyed meade note on the back end.

Secret de Scey (Morbier) with Qi Lan Phoenix Oolong – The Morbier provides a wonderful rich base for the pairing and pulls out all the sweetness and fruit notes in the Oolong.

Fourme D’Ambert with Golden Yunnan – This amazing blue cheese helps bring out the more funky elements in the Golden Yunnan. Yunnan Province is still very rural. The terroir of this region often speaks to barnyard, horse blanket and another animal descriptives. This is a good pairing which helps show those characteristics.

The French Cheese Board invited special guests to try out the fromage and tea pairings and they all left with new knowledge of how cheese and tea can be paired. Try the pairings above or make your own to make it magnifique!