Fromage & Wine with Quintessential Gentlemen (9/27)

When it comes to events here at the French Cheese Board, we enjoying having new faces especially when introducing the wonderful world of fromage to them. We had the Quintessential Gentleman, a media platform dedicated to uplifting men of color by sharing positive stories of men of color, come visit us recently for fromage and wine pairing.

We went through the three pairings which were as followed:

Chardonnay & Brillat Savarin: Light fruity notes in the Chardonnay paired with the triple cream, Brillat-Savarin from Ile-de-France. The cheese is fresh, creamy, and a hint of mushroom makes for a balanced pairing with the ripe and rich Chardonnay.

Côte du Rhône and Valençay: Valençay is an ash-coated fresh goat’s cheese made with pasteurized milk, originally from Valençay. It has a hay aoma, hazelnut taste and a fresh lactic flavor.

Pinot Noir & Beaufort: Beaufort is a hard cheese from Savoie that is firm, buttery, and supple. Fruity and salty with floral notes. The medium-bodied
Pinot Noir exudes aromas of peach and minerals similar to the aromas of the Beaufort. The fruity notes in the cheese bring out the stone fruit notes in the wine and both have a nice finish.

Among the three pairings, there was no clear winner in which was the guests’ favorite but one thing was clear: everyone had a great night learning about the fromage.