Fromage x Maille Mustard Pairing (11/05)

Did you know mustard is the third most used condiment after salt and pepper? Did you know cheese goes really well with mustard? At the French Cheese Board, we experiment with what you can pair with cheese and we decided, why not mustard? For the mustard, we partnered with Maille, a brand that has been around over 270 years!

We invited guests to discover five different pairings:

  1. Emmental & Honey Dijon: Emmental is a cooked and pressed cheese from the Savoie region that is sweet and slightly nutty. It is characterized by the formation of holes also known as “eyes” and its pale yellow color. Paired with the lightly sweet honey dijon which has memorable sweetness
  2. Brillat Savarin & Whole Grain: Brillat Savarin is a triple creme cheese from Ile de France that is a bloomy rind cheese. It has a very creamy taste with hints of salt and tang with a mushroom aftertaste. Makes for a wonderful textural contrast to the mustard kernels of the whole grain.
  3. Abondance & Rich Country Dijon:  Abondance is a cooked and pressed cheese from the Savoie region and has a firm and supple texture with a slight bitterness and lingers in the palate. Paired with the creamy rich country dijon quite and covers the mouth with medium flavor strength makes for delicious combo.
  4. Fourme d’Ambert & Dijon Originale: Fourme d’Ambert is a mild and smooth cow’s milk blue cheese from the Auvergne region. It has a creamy fruity flavor and one of the mildest blue cheeses. Contrasts well with the piquant sharpness of the Dijon originale that envelops your nose and mouth when you taste it.
  5. Le Pico & Black Truffle: Le Pico is an aged goat’s milk cheese from the Perigord. Creamy nutty and gamey in flavors pairs with the earthy rich Black truffle mustard.

Everyone had varying opinions when it came to the best pairing of the night but one thing was clear: they were all delicious! Try these pairings for yourself for holiday parties and impress your friends.