Fromage X Wine with Hangar 17 (05/12)

We partnered with Hangar 17 for a special wine and cheese pairing event. We thoughtfully selected three cheeses and wines for the occasion, to give the best culinary experience possible to our guests.

  • Comté (12 months aged) X Hangar 17 Curtiss: Comté is a cheese from Franche-Comté, matured for a minimum of 4 months to 18 or 24 months. Its texture and complex nutty, fruity, and salty flavors change as it aged. It goes really well with the light fruity notes of the Curtiss contrasting with the dry and sharp side of the Comté creating an excellent mouthfeel.
  • Brillat-Savarin X Hangar 17 Dry Rosé: Brillat-Savarin is a fresh, creamy cheese with mushroomy notes from Île-de-France. The dry and fruity notes of the Hangar 17 Rosé cut through the mouth coat created by the creaminess of this triple cream cheese which makes it a perfect pairing.
  • Soumaintrain X Hangar 17 Red: Soumaintrain is a cheese from the Burgundy region well known for its red wines. Thus, It naturally pairs well with Hangar 17’s Red wine. Its long finish blends perfectly with the creaminess and pungent aftertaste of the Soumaintrain.

The guests loved the three pairings, each guest having its own favorite. We might not know the winner, but we now that everyone had a great learning about the fromages and wines. Thank you to Sara for explaining the different wines to our guests.