Fromages & Coffee with Everyman Espresso (10/22)

The French Cheese Board has paired many different things in the past with cheese from chocolate to whiskey to honeys. We’ve been experimenting with pairings since we started and for the first time ever, we did fromages and coffee.

For our first live event since February, we partnered with Everyman Espresso, a coffee shop with multiple NYC locations dedicated to make delicious coffee and share it with people. With that mission, we had Emilee Bryant from Everyman Espresso come over to make coffee for us and we did three pairings for the evening for our guests.

Emilee showed us that we have to slurp our coffee and to aerate it as much as possible to get all the flavor notes. The coffee beans for the event were ground fresh and sourced from B & W Roasters who get their beans from small farms all over the world. Once we knew how to slurp our coffee, we tried the pairings!

  1. Ossau Iraty & Don Carlos – Natural: Buttery, full-flavored, and supple notes of the sheep’s milk Ossau Iraty went with the fruity, medium-bodied coffee from Costa Rica.
  2. Camembert & Eduardo Campos – Anaerobic: The earthy, mushroom notes and creaminess of the Camembert paired well with the blackberry and golden raisin fruity notes of the coffee from Cordillera del Fuego Farm in Costa Rica.
  3. Roquefort & El Vergel – The creamy, tangy, and sharp notes of the Roquefort contrasted beautifully with the sweet peach jam, red sangria, and milk chocolate notes of the anaerobic coffee from Colombia

Each pairing was a harmonious blend of flavors as the nuances of both the coffee and cheeses really highlighted each other. The aromas of both products were intoxicating especially if you like both which our guests sure did. It was a great learning experience for everyone.