Gin Cocktail & Cheese Pairing (02/19)

Cheese is a very versatile product that can be paired with a lot of foods and beverages. Last night, the French Cheese Board was the home of an amazing sensory fest, featuring Claire Matern’s innovative cocktail creations and our exceptional cheeses of France.

Gin was the main ingredient of cocktails, however each cocktail has been washed with three different cheeses beforehand: Camembert (a soft-ripened, white cheese from Normandy), Fourme d’Ambert (a tangy blue-veined cheese from Auvergne) and Tomme Pinot-Gris (a hard and fruity cheese, flavored and aged with one of the finest wines of Alsace). This surprising combination of flavors turned out really well as everyone enjoyed it.

Overall, another fun and educative night at the French Cheese Board. Huge thanks to Claire Matern for the cocktails and to everyone who attended our event!