Harney and Sons Tea & Fromage Pairing (01/22)

Harney and sons came to our store last night, bringing exceptional teas to create warm and smooth pairings with some of our finest French cheeses

The first pairing was a Mejiawu Lung Ching tea with Brillat-Savarin: A soft, white-crusted cow milk triple cream from north-west Burgundy with a rich and smooth flavor complementing perfectly the sweetness and the body of the tea.

It was followed by Ali-San Oolong tea and Valencay: A fresh, young goat cheese that is both creamy and flavorful, and covered with vegetable ash. The creaminess of the cheese matches the one of the tea and highlights its citrus note. 

The third pairing was a Fruit d’Alsace tea and Tomme Elderflower: An Alsatian cheese for an Alsatian tea. This hard but round cheese is flavored with elderflowers giving it a touch of sweetness blending with the own sweetness of this fruity black tea.

Last but not least, the pairing event finished on a mountain note with a Comté (24 months) and Lapsang Souchong: This smooky mountain black tea needed to be paired with a cheese that could match its strength, such as a hard, rugged, alpine Comté aged for 24 months, both nutty and full-flavored.