Honey and Cheese (08/16)

On August 16th we invited Marina, a honey sommelier to do a guided pairing with French cheese and French honey. The sweetness of honey goes perfectly with the sharp taste of a French cheese. The pairings were:

  1. Valencay is a fresh goat’s milk cheese from the Loir Valley. It is creamy, smooth and citrusy in taste and melts on the tongue harmoniously with Acacia honey, a light sweet honey.
  2. Brie de Meaux is a bloomy rind cow’s milk cheese from Ile-de-France. Its texture is creamy and smooth with rich aromas and a buttery, sweet and slightly earthy taste. Pairing well with a rich honey like a Chestnut honey.
  3. Salers, a farmhouse raw milk cow’s milk cheese from the Auvergne region is a rare cheese produced only from May to October. It is fruity and slightly spicy with a smooth texture pairing well with the freshness of the Eucalyptus honey.
  4. Tomme Vache Brebis is an uncooked pressed cheese made from both cow’s milk and sheep’s milk in the Pays Basque region. It has a smooth and supple creamy paste with notes of butter and grass, Pyrenees style. Perfect for a woody honey like Heather honey.
  5. Bonde d’Antan, a aged goat’s milk cheese from the Loire Valley with a creamline followed by a chalky white paste. Nutty, tangy and goaty’s flavors delicious with a sweet honey like Maritime Lavender honey.