LAC Exhibit by Colombe Clier

Colombe Clier was born in Rouen, a city on the River Seine in Northern France. Her inclusive perspective on art and its heritage has resulted in numerous collaborations with some of the most prestigious institutions – with installations at Ministry of Culture and Communication, The Center for National Monuments, The Rouen Opera House, and La Mode Images, among others.

After researching the etymology of the word milk, in Latin, Lactem, the common thread of the collection, LAC appeared as the obvious title of the show. Three letters that evoke images of milk but also inspire feelings of silence, calm and relaxation.

In the LAC series, Clier revisits classic, iconic works from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries,, but with an unexpected twist. The artist retains the essence of the original compositions, while making a contemporary statement about modern daily life. Claire’s recreations are tranquil reminders of some of the most influential moments in art history, as well as a cue to the future, as if the gentle gesture of pouring milk has passed through the centuries.