Les Filles à Fromage Exhibit

From June, 30 – September, 5

Is it possible to love cheese yet remain thin and sexy? Photographer Thomas Laisné answers this question with a stunning series of photos of the Cercle Officiel des Filles à Fromages et plus si affinities (The Society of Ladies Who Love Cheese).

On display from June – September 5, 2014 at The French Cheese Board in New York, this exclusive exhibit illustrates trendy French professionals with hard heads for business and a soft spot for French cheese. The artist’s merging of modern and vintage photography highlights the elegance and refinement of French cheeses, while the light and playful tone of the work conveys a positive image of cheese as a part of healthy diet.

The Society of Ladies Who Love Cheese has begun a movement that says “to hell” with fear of fat – a movement that has gathered the support of nearly 10,000 women around the world, and is growing every day. Laisné’s work celebrates the female figure, the beauty of cheese, and women who aren’t afraid to live to eat!

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