Make Your Own Fondue (03/04)

Wintertime is the perfect season to make Fondue, a classic melted cheese dish. We hosted a Fondue event with Entremont and 7 Influencers. If you don’t know Entremont, it was created in Haute Savoie in 1948, it is now part of Sodiaal Group, the leading French dairy cooperative. Focused on preserving its traditional expertise, Entremont only uses french milk to always maintain the best quality & taste in its cheeses.

Making a Fondue is easy as long as you have one of these three cheeses: Gruyère, Emmental, and Comté. Then, get a fondue set to help melt the cheeses along with white wine. Finally, get dipping with cornichons, potatoes, bread, and veggies. Whatever you think would work with the fondue!

We recommend using the three cheeses together to have a better experience. The Gruyère gives a sweet and nutty flavor, the sharp Comté adds character, and the Emmental blends it all.

Here’s the process to making fondue: rub the inside of your fondue pot with the garlic clove, then add your grated cheese with a small cup of white wine. Stir frequently until it is completely melted. Once melted choose your dippers and enjoy!

Try to make your own fondue at home and don’t forget to get your cheeses and fondue set at the French Cheese Board.