Mansa Tea & Cheese Pairing (05/21)

Tea and cheese may appear as an intricate or strange pairing. Nevertheless, here at the French Cheese Board, we strongly believe that both products go very well together. That’s why we welcomed Mansa Tea for a very special tasting event last night at our space on 41 Spring Street. This event allowed our guests to discover the very rare and unique teas offered by Mansa while tasting the finest cheeses from France.

Pairings were created especially for this event: For each tea, our team selected a specific cheese that would complement or highlight their delicate flavours and aromas.

  • Fuding White Peony and Mimolette: The Fuding is a white tea from Fujian that is prepared out of sun-drying hand picked leaves and then aged for 4 years. The fruitiness and sweetness of Mimolette made a light pairing complementing the sweetness of each product.
  • Wild Lao Raw Pu’er and Etorki: The Wild Lao grows on trees which are over 100 years old on the historical Yiwu mountain range. On the other hand, Etorki is a smooth and buttery sheep’s milk cheese that highlighted the nutiness and emphasized the flavour in both products.
  • Menghai Old Tree Ripe Pu’er and Brillat Savarin: The Menghai is a tea that has a lot of earthiness in it. In addition, the Brillat Savarin is a very buttery cheese with a mushroom aftertaste. We thought the two products paired well together because when put together they each accentuated their earthy aspect.

Once again, a very successful event at the French Cheese Board! Huge thanks to Mansa Tea and to everybody who attended the event!

Stay tuned: we have new events coming up soon!