Meteor Beer & Cheese (07/25)

Last Wednesday (7/25), Mike from Meteor offered our influencers a selection of three beers to pair with some delicious cheeses. Cheeses and beers can be surprisingly interesting and give each other a whole different taste and dimension!

As always, the event started with a presentation of the French Cheese Board store before moving on to the pairing.

The Meteor Pils Beer was paired with Comté and Tomme Elderflower. Meteor Pils has a medium, white, somewhat creamy head, a mostly clear, golden appearance. The aroma bursts out of the bottle- sweet cracker, spicy, floral hops, and cut grass. Hard and buttery cheeses such as Comté and Tomme are perfect with this floral beer.

The second association was a little bit stronger in taste with Meteor’s Blanche Pours beer, Bleu d’Auvergne and Bonde d’Antan. This beer is a great refreshing choice on a balmy summer night. Despite its mild bitterness, this beer works perfectly fine with strong and creamy cheeses such as Blue cheeses and dense goat cheeses.

Our last association combined a Lion Stout with Camembert and Tomme Pimento d’Espelette. The dark caramel, large dense headed brew, with its 8.8% alcoholic content, is unique due to its sweet notes of chocolate and coffee interspersed into a foundation of dark roasted barley. The strongness of Camembert and the uniqueness of the Red Chilli Pepper paste of our Tomme perfectly matched this Stout. These three elements were the perfect way to finish this event!