Milène Jardine’s Chocolate & Fromage (12/12)

Christmas being around the corner, the French Cheese Board got sweeter than ever with an event pairing delicious fromages and some of Milène Jardine’s finest chocolate creations.

That night, our special guests were all taken to a culinary journey across the world – while comfortably staying right in the center of New York City. Milène Jardine’s chocolates and truffles are all inspired by different cultures from different continents, bringing to our taste buds delicate and unique flavors found abroad, and expertly paired with a few of France’s most beloved cheeses.

  • The first pairing brought together a piece of the Mediterranean sun in a slightly salted and citrusy Sicilian chocolate bar and an hibiscus and mint Egyptian Truffle enjoyed along with the freshness and smoothness of a Valencay goat cheese.
  • The second alliance of cheese and chocolate offered to the guests was more intense and nutty, with the richness of a savory Comté aged twelve months and whose golden texture blended perfectly with a pistachio chocolate bar and an even richer dark chocolate truffle.
  • The third and last pairing was spicier and took the lucky gourmets to a sea-to-sea trip, from the Mediterranean with a rosemary chocolate bar to the Northern Sea with a Whiskey sea salt truffle, and in the middle a well-deserved, beautiful savory stop in the Center region of France with a Fourme d’ Ambert blue creamy cheese.

After a second serving of these decadent Chocolate and Fromage unions, everyone left the boutique delighted and convince that, on the 25th of this month, a plate of chocolate and French cheese will be served to whomever they will spend the holidays with – lucky them!