Mimolette & Chocolate (10/22)

In celebration of Halloween, the French Cheese Board came up with an unusual pairing: cheese and chocolate.

Since we are French, we did it with the spookiest bright orange cheese, Mimolette from Isigny S-Mere and we partnered with master chocolatier, Jacques Torres to provide the bars of chocolates for the event.

While the idea of Mimolette and chocolate seemed crazy to the influencers, they were all ready to try it! First we melted the three varieties of chocolate in separate tapas fondue pots and invited the influencers to sample each of the suggested pairings: the white chocolate with a 6 month aged Mimolette, the milk chocolate with the 12 month aged Mimolette, and the dark chocolate with the 16 month aged Mimolette.

Every age of Mimolette differs in texture and flavor and so having them go through each one showcased the flavors of both the cheese and the chocolate. Once they dipped their Mimolette of choice in chocolate, they went to the toppings station where they could add ingredients like pretzel sticks, marshmallows, spicy pumpkin seeds, coconut shreds, slivered almonds, and sprinkles. The influencers then got to try their Mimolette creations and the overall feedback was that all of them were great because you can’t go wrong with French cheese and chocolate!

Some of them even got creative by doing more than one type of chocolate on the Mimolette but one thing was for sure, it was a delicious evening! The combination of sweet and savory made for a magnifique (trick-or) treat everyone enjoyed.