Mimolette Mania Week (10/25-10/31)

The bright orange cheese known as Mimolette is synonymous with fall and Halloween. The French Cheese Board wanted to highlight the best of what we’ve done with the “Boule de Lille” aka ball from Lille, Mimolette, with its very own week.

Mimolette Carving by Krai in 2018

From pairing it with beer, cider, and chocolate to having it in magnifique recipes, Mimolette has such a variety of ways it can be implemented. Its butterscotch and savory notes make it quite the treat.

We partnered with influencers to see what they could do with Mimolette and here is what they did!

Standing out on a fall-themed cheeseboard with those colors.
Ooey gooey and comforting Mimolette mac and cheese