Mountain Cheese Feast (03/13)

Alpine cheeses are some of the most well-known when it comes to French cheeses and we had the chance to welcome the team from Interval Export, who represents different dairy companies to showcase a dinner with three marvelous mountain cheeses.

The mix of guests learned cheeses facts from Amandine Ruiz, the representative from Interval Export and each cheese came from a different dairy.

The first cheese, Comté, from Fromagerie Arnaud, is one of the most popular French cheese from the Jura Mountains. It is a versatile cheese whether it goes on a burger, mac and cheese, or a crepe. It is known to be nutty, fruity, sweet, and salty and comes in 88-pound wheels! Cut into match sticks, the guests had it paired with a variety of jams like blueberry and apricot along with almonds and grapes.

The next cheese, Beaufort, from Fromagerie Verdannet-Tournette, comes from the Savoie region of France. Its strong aroma also makes it strong-tasting cheese especially as it ages. The wheel is a characteristically thick and concave because ropes were tied around them to allow farmers back then transport them easily down the mountains. Firm and buttery, Beaufort is an Alpine cheese that is truly remarkable.

Last but not least was the Raclette from Société Fromagère du Livradois, a cheese known to melt like no other. With a natural edible rind, Raclette is milky, nutty, and sweet and comes from the French word “racler” which means to scrape. Guests created plates quintessential Raclette party ingredients: cornichons, charcuterie (Bayonne ham), baguette, and roasted potatoes.

These mountain cheeses were paired with wine from the region as a general rule to pair local cheeses with local wine so it make for a great pairing. A comforting night with wonderful cheese and company.