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Gourmet Destination and more

Though it will provide the most exquisite goods and treats for your Thursdays Aperitifs and Sunday Brunches, the French Cheese Board is also a destination featuring exclusive programming that blends art, design and food in innovative forms that appeal to both the connoisseurs and the curious in search of the mystique and passion that surround French cheese. The French Cheese Board is an ambassador of the French cheese experience and also serves as a platform for conversations and debates.


Gourmet Destination and more

As an open venue, the French Cheese Board will feature events and exhibits where food becomes the centerpiece and topic for engaged communication. The space, designed by renowned French designers Ich&Kar, will serve as a beacon for chefs, artists, bloggers, foodies and cheese makers so they may explore dairy products and foods as a medium for development and innovation.


Culture Lab

The French Cheese Board is also a fab lab of ideas, where people can participate in cooking lessons, wine and cheese pairings sessions, interactive presentations on how to indulge in French cheese, and improve their knowledge through playful and interactive displays dedicated to the art and craft of cheese. The boutique also offers a selection of cookware and accessories that is sure to appeal to the trendiest of guests.



What’s happening?

Cheese Tasting Classes

With over 1300 cheeses, France has the widest variety in terms of cheese families. Learn what they are, how they are made and how to prepare the perfect cheese board by using a variety of colors, textures and milk types plus how best to pair accompaniments. Afterwards, prepare your palate to savor some delicious cheeses.

Featured Cheese

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Le Brie

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Top 10 Cheeses


The sharp, nutty, fruity taste of Mimolette also includes sweet hints of butterscotch. Its brilliant orange color makes it the focus of any cheese platter. Try Mimolette with a rustic red wine or ale.
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Blue d’Auvergne

With a pungent scent, Bleu d'Auvergne has a salty and spicy taste. A perfect addition to salads or served with apple slices, Bleu d'Auvergne is also ideal on a burger. Enjoy with sweet dessert wines, strong reds, or a rich dark beer.
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Called the King of Cheeses, Brie is one of the best-known cheeses of France. Its soft, creamy texture, mellow flavor and rich aroma make it a crowd-pleaser on bread and crackers or melted in an omelet. Try Brie with light, fruity red wines or crisp whites.
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Comté has an intriguing, complex flavor that can include hints of apricot, chocolate, butter, cream, hazelnuts and toast. Enjoy Comté in cubes, on a sandwich, melted in fondue, or grated and sprinkled on your favorite dishes. Any way you like it, serve Comté with a dry white or light red wine.
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With buttery, savory flavors and hints of tangy fruit, Pont l'Evêque is similar to Livarot and is an excellent choice to serve before or after a meal. Enjoy Pont l'Evêque with Champagne, medium-bodied whites, hard cider, or apple brandy.
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Saint Nectaire

With a grassy, nutty flavor and a touch of salt and spice, Saint-Nectaire is a great addition to any cheese plate and it goes well with bold, fruity reds and silky white wines.
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Triple Crème

This decadent cheese is buttery, smooth and mild. Spread it on bread or crackers and enjoy with Champagne. Or, try it for a delightful dessert with fresh fruit.
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The quintessential French cheese, Camembert is typically a bit stronger in flavor than Brie. It has a taste of wild mushrooms and a buttery texture that melts into the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich. Enjoy Camembert with a light, fruity red or sweet white wine.
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With a lightly sharp, slightly salty taste, Emmental is great on a sandwich or a burger, in an omelet, or as a surprise twist to macaroni and cheese. Try Emmental with a sweet white or light to medium red wine.
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With a salty, nutty flavor and silky, smooth texture, Raclette is delicious melted and served with bread, boiled potatoes, roasted root vegetables, or cured meats. Try it with a fruity, medium-bodied red or white wine.
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