Picnic Perfect with Entremont (06/30)

We had Entremont (Sodiaal) introduce their Emmental and Comté to influencers with a picnic perfect idea for the French Cheese Board. Delicious sandwiches great to take on a picnic!

The influencers first tasted the cheese by itself so they could realize its texture and flavor. Sebastien Ladj of Entremont was present to introduce the company and why they chose Emmental and Comté for the event. Then, Chef Laurent of local bakery Ceci-Cela made four sandwiches featuring the two cheeses for the influencers to illustrate how they could be incorporated in different ways.

The four sandwiches were:

  • Classic – Emmental, Jambon (Ham), and Cornichons on Baguette
  • Croque Monsieur – Emmental, Prosciutto, and Bechamel on Brioche
  • Dolce Vita – Comté, Apples, Tomato, Salad, and Vinaigrette on Country Bread
  • Panini – Comté, Fig, Tomato, Salad, and Vinaigrette on Country Bread

Two of the sandwiches were cold and the two were warm to showcase the amazing melting properties of both cheeses. A magnificent spread made even better with great company. As a parting gift, the influencers took home a picnic basket plus one of each cheese for them to create a picnic perfect moment whenever they want.