Pommes Aligot with Chef Robert (02/19)

The French Cheese Board hosted an Aligot event to signal the end of winter with one of the world’s cheesiest dish. Chef Robert Ramsey went in with one objective: teach our guests how to make a perfect Aligot.

First, what is Aligot? It’s a dish made from cheese blended into mashed potatoes from central France. The cheeses can vary from one recipe to another and Chef Robert chose Emmental, Beaufort, and Cantalet. Generally, Aligot is served with sausages and can also include cornichons, onions, mustard, and olives.

The French Cheese Board introduced the space to the guests and then, proceeded to introduce the wine pairing for the Aligot, a red wine called Marcillac courtesy of Nolita Wines. Afterward, Chef Robert explained how to make Aligot. First, he prepares the mashed potatoes in a hot container and adds cream, butter, salt, pepper, and the cheeses. Then, he stirs everything while adding more and more cheese until it melts. Getting the right consistency requires quite a lot of effort and can be difficult to attain the first time. Thankfully, Chef Robert taught everyone how to achieve a sticky, and more importantly, cheesy paste.

People had the opportunity to try to make their own Aligot and enjoyed the tasting of this delicious meal with sausages and cheese boards. Merci Chef Robert for this educational event!