Raclette Night with Time Out New York (11/11)

When it gets cold, it is time for everyone’s favorite melted French cheese, Raclette.

A small team from Time Out New York came to visit the French Cheese Board to enjoy some Raclette with us for the first time. In addition, we had wine sommelier, Sarah Tracey of The Lush Life join us to assist in the wine pairings for the evening. The wines were the Apremont, Romain Chamiot – 2018 and CĂ´tes de Jura Ploussard, Pierre Richard – 2017

Having a Raclette night is easy to do as long as you have Raclette cheese plus a machine to melt it, cornichons, potatoes, bread, and charcuterie like Bayonne ham or saucisson. Charcuterie is optional so if you a meat-free ingredient list, feel free to do so.

Here’s the process: set up a plate of the ingredients and then scrape the ooey gooey Raclette on top. If you don’t have a special Raclette-melting machine, you can use an oven to melt it as long as its in an oven-safe dish.

The Time Out New York team had a great time filling up with Raclette on a cold evening. The wine pairings were delicious too and complemented the Raclette nicely.

Try Raclette at home and make sure to get some at the French Cheese Board when its available during the the colder months.