The Cheesemonger’s Toolbox

The French National Center for the Dairy Industry (CNIEL) represents French cheese in the United States at The French Cheese Board in Manhattan. The Academie offers a series of short workshops that can be taken as separate modules or combined into a two-day program of skills and knowledge enhancement for cheesemongers.

– Two days of training, in four independent 3-hour modules,
– Maximum of 10 students, minimum 5 students,
– Tuition: $150 per session, $550 for the full two-day program. Lodging and meals not included,
 26-27 October 2015, 11-12 January, 3-4 October 2016.

Session one : Cheese Basics: production methods, families of cheese

Session two : French Cheese in Context: AOP / PDO, geography & history of French Cheese

Session three : The Cheesemonger’s Skill Set: cutting and wrapping, effective sales

Session Four : The Business of Cheese Retailling: selection cheese, inventory management, case setting


– Classroom theory & discussion

– Tasting and sensory analysis

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